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“Enterprise Network and Systems Management”
Atlantic Networks specializes in consulting
and contract work in the field of internet and intranet management
tools. Atlantic Networks operates in both the United States and
United Kingdom (Scotland).
Corporate Mission
Computer networking is the fastest growing segment of the fastest
growing industry in history.
A corporate network is a necessary tool for a competitive company.
Managing that network, and the systems attached to it, can be
a considerable challenge.
Using defacto industry standard “best in class” applications
and adding strong integration and customization, powerful solutions
to enterprise network and systems management problems can be developed.
Therefore …
Atlantic Networks will delight its clients by providing
innovative, user friendly, custom solutions to enterprise network
and systems management challenges.
Ken Cochran – President,
Atlantic Networks, Inc.
Consulting Services offered by Atlantic Networks
Consulting on all aspects of enterprise network
and systems management
Custom integration of core applications
Training in network and systems management concepts
and applications
Configuration of systems and applications
Internet domain registration and configuration
of corporate Web services
Core applications with which we work are (all versions of)…
IT/Operations (ITO), now VantagePoint Operations
HP OpenView Event Correlation Services
Action Request System
TelAlert by Telamon
Technical Support Pages…
Follow this link for technical
support links for the above core applications.
Clients of Atlantic Networks
Corporate Sponsorship
Atlantic Networks is proud to have
sponsored and provided computer equipment, technical support,
and training to the MIR Space
Station mission control at Land O’Pines school, Howell, NJ.
This was a direct radio communications link between 5th and 6th
grade students and astronaut Andy Thomas aboard MIR.
Career Opportunities with Atlantic Networks
If you
– have evident skills in network or systems management,
– enjoy a challenge,
– have a record of working with integrity and enthusiasm,
– and value the opportunity to see real benefit come of your work

please send us mail.
Atlantic Networks offers full-time or contract employment depending
on our current projects and client needs.
Very competitive benefits and salary or hourly rates can be arranged.